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Unbaked Butterfly Pea Cheese Cake

For 4 Serving

Biscuit Crumbles 70g
Unsalted Butter 70g
Cream Cheese 200g
Granulated sugar 60g
Heavy Cream 200ml
Powdered Gelatin 9g
Lemon Juice 3Tbsp
Butterfly pea powder 1g
Sugar To taste

1. Making 70 g of biscuit crumbles.
2. Add 70 g of melted unsalted butter, Mix well.
3. Lay the Biscuit mixture in a Cake mold.
4. Harden in a refrigerator for 30 minutes.
5. Mix 200 g of cream cheese in a bowl.
6. Add 60 g of granulated sugar .
7. Add 200 ml of Heavy cream
8. "Add 30 ml water to 5 g of powdered gelatin in
9. Small pyrex dish. Microwave for 20 seconds."
10. Add 3Tbsp of lemon juice
11. Pour the mixture into cake mold, Spread on the hardened biscuit base.
12. Refrigerator for 2 hours.
13. Prepare 200 ml of water
14. Prepare 1g of Butterfly pea powder, Put into a Tea Bag.
15. Put the bag into the pan, stir well to get the Blue Color.
16. Once cooled down, dissolve 4 g of powdered gelatin in the mixture.
17. Add a Dash of granulated sugar to taste.
18. Let it cool for few minutes. then pour into Cake mold.
19. Cool in Refrigerator for 1 hour, It's ready to serve.

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