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Nature's blessings for health and beauty.
Life is like a journey,
to find yourself and learn what is good for you and what is bad for you everyday.

We wish If we could eat only what we like, we would be so happy, wouldn't we?
If possible, we want to eat healthy and delicious foods that are good for our bodies...

We are aiming both,

Great ingredients are good for the body.
Natural ingredients are more reliable.

The nurturing power of vegetable and
Herbs make us healthier and more beautiful, strong mindset.

We also pursue "good taste" and "easy to eat".

Delicious food is the secret key to a rich and euphoric  happy life.
Our Vegan colors mission is a colorful and natural table to pass next generation.

A gift from nature


Vegan Colors want everyone to live a healthy, happy, and enjoyable life with the nurturing power of plants.

Vegan Colors are committed to supporting agriculture in Southeast Asia and researching the development of advanced agriculture for the next generation and sustainable Society.
Cultivated in the fertile lands of Southeast Asia

Vegan Colors is a sterilized powder made from 100% natural herbs.

It contains no ingredients other than herbs.

Only specific parts of the herbs, such as flowers, leaves, roots, and stems, are processed into a sterilized powder.

We have formed a partnership with farmers in Thailand and Laos to grow herbs without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers during the growing season.

Our local staff members are working hard to cultivate safe and secure herbs, drawing out the natural power of the herbs while checking their cultivation with their own eyes.

Thorough quality control, from farm raw materials to facility production!

We inspect every products according to Japanese quality standard.

Products are carefully selected and processed at a GMP-certified pharmaceutical processing facility in Laos and a HACCP-certified processing facility in Japan.

Our processing technology allows us to sterilize the powder and at the same time maximize the color of the plant. 

We are committed to the production of plant-based products, starting from the raw materials, so that our customers can use plant-based products without concerns of contaminations and any health problem.

We deliver herbs produced in the fertile lands of Laos and Thailand to your kitchen!

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