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Vegan Color's Ingredients are safe and reliable quality
Management from "Production" with local farmers.
Aiming for Fairtrade and sustainable society.

Our product is cultivated without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers during the growing period at "partner farms" in Laos and Thailand.

The food product consume must be guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Laos and Thailand have much fertile land that has never been used with pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the past.

To keep this land crean, we asuure to not use any pesticide and chemical fertilizers.

We have our experimental farm in Japan and our farms in Laos and Thailand, We do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers from seed to harvest.

We are committed to growing herbs safely and securely, drawing out the natural power of the herbs while checking their growth with our own eyes. 
We are striving to cultivate safe and secure herbs and aiming for Fairtrade and sustainable life to pass next generation.

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